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Police Officers How to Fix 2 Years of past poor ATO refunds

Feeling cheated with the last 2 years of tax refunds? Lets Amend!

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Poor Refunds


We come across many Police Officers or new Police Recruits who have been given poor tax advice about what exactly that they can claim on their tax. Our firm has been providing tax services to police officers for over 43 years and know what the law enforcement profession can claim. Even worse is clients who have done their own tax online with the ATO MyGov to save on a tax agents fees end up poorer off because the ATO won’t tell you want you can legally claim. Police officers should stick to arresting criminals and let and expert tax firm who knows your job do its thing.Police Officers

  • Get back what you have missed in the past from the ATO
  • We have streamlined the process to make it easy.
  • Our Checklist will ensure you get the best amended refund
  • It’s not unusual to get back and additional $1000 per year.
  • Amend Online with our Preload original return
  • Or see a tax accountant in our office
  • Or Skype amend you tax from any location.
Police Officers Past Poor ATO refunds

Poor Refunds

How it works

You provide us a copy of the previously lodged tax return to the ATO; we review to find missed tax deductions. A recommendation is made before we proceed. An amended tax return is prepared using our extensive Police tax checklists. After you are satisfied and the amended tax return is sign we lodge to the ATO and you should have the difference between the Old and the new refund paid direct into your nominated bank account generally, with 14 days subject to ATO processing.Police Officers

  • We examine what was lodged in the past.
  • A recommendation is made as to a better amended return.
  • We Preload the previous tax returns.
  • Further & better Tax deductions are added that were overlooked.
  • We Lodge amended tax with the ATO after your approval.
  • Your get the better refund difference paid into your bank.
Police Officers past poor ATO refund amendment-how it works

Poor Refunds

ATO Rules on Amending Past Tax Returns.

ATO law sets time limits for amending your tax assessment. For individuals the time limit is generally two years from the day after the ATO gives you a notice of assessment for the year in question (generally taken to be the date on the notice) or the date the relevant return was lodged. If you want to change a tax return after the time limit has passed you can't request an amendment, but you may be able to lodge an objection.Police Officers

  • A two (2) year limit applies for amending tax.
  • You may only be able to amend 1 year.
  • The sooner you seek assistance the better.
  • Have all your relevant tax returns copies available.
  • Mistakes made on past tax returns can be fixed by this method
  • Lodge an objection on an amended late tax return.
Ato fines for Police Officers tax

Poor Refunds

Register to fix a poor refund

We need to get a minimum amount of information from a new client wanting to amend a poor tax refund in the past 2 years. Once we have your basic details, we add you as a client on the ATO tax agent portal. From here we are able to see a summary of what has been lodged in the past, but you will need to provide us with the actual tax return copy that was lodged.Police Officers

  • We need full name & your residential address
  • Your TFN and date of birth.
  • Copies of last tax returns lodged
  • An online link will be automatically forward to you when you register for this service.
Police Officers Past Poor ATO refunds-Register here

Poor Refunds

Start Smart fix service

Below you will find the next steps to getting a better tax refund over and above what was lodged previously. Several options are available for you to start this process choose one below:Police Officers

  • After you have registered
  • Upload your last tax returns here
  • DIY Service online
  • Face to face by skype or in person
start service poor refunds for Police Officers.